Toplis Solutions Inc. and Partner Companies Provide Relief Support to Fire Victims

In the wake of the fire that destroyed homes in Recto, Manila, families lost not only their shelters but also their sense of security and stability. In times like these, the importance of community, solidarity, and compassionate action cannot be overstated.

Upon news of such misfortune, TSI was quick to mobilize its resources and networks to offer assistance to the fire survivors. Teaming up with UPark, TOTC, and GWMI, we organized a heartfelt feeding program last Sunday, February 11, 2024, 2024, dedicated to providing immediate relief support to the affected families.

people preparing relief goods for the fire victims

By pooling together our strengths and resources, us and our partners were able to quickly get on our feet and offer a wide scope of assistance, ensuring that not one person was left behind in their time of need.

The response from the community had been positive, with residents expressing gratitude for the support extended by TSI and our partners. With initiatives like this, TSI and its partners prove that strength lies in coming together as a community, most especially in the darkest of times. 

See More Photos from the Feeding Program:

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