The Ultimate Manpower Services Guide

Hiring employees may seem like the easiest way to go when it comes to keeping your business up and running, but there are a few reasons why you might want to consider approaching a manpower services provider instead.

What Are Manpower Services? 

In essence, manpower services is simply just outsourcing. Manpower agencies make available qualified and competent workers for companies in need or short of skilled staff. Manpower supply companies provide a bridge between skilled workers and businesses that require its services. Locally, companies such as Toplis Solutions Inc., Kabraso Multipurpose Cooperative, and TOTC Inc. are players in the manpower services field. For international placements, companies such as Greatways Manpower International are the way to go. 

The majority of the time, manpower deployed by manpower companies are only temporary employees because they are assigned on a project basis. But of course, there are other types of personnel available through manpower companies. Plus, there are manpower companies that offer customizable manpower solutions. So regardless of your requirements, surely there will be a company ready to attend to your needs.  

What is Manpower? 

Manpower is any form of labor performed by an individual or a group of skilled workers. Manpower is identified by four distinctions: a. full-time, b. temporary , c. full-time, and d. traditional manpower services, all of which are typically “contractors” who primarily work on a requirement basis. 

These four types of manpower can be extremely useful for a myriad of reasons, but it is ultimately determined by whatever your manpower services requirements may be.

Types of Manpower Services 

In the realm of manpower provision, a specific type of manpower service is available depending on your business requirements. You can choose from: temporary manpower services, part-time manpower services, full-time manpower services, and traditional manpower services.

A. Part-time

This type of manpower is often deployed during busy seasons, such as holidays. Most of the time, students and retired people with free time who want to make extra money without long-term commitments are the ones who take up this position.

b. TEmporary

Temporary manpower is the ideal option for companies who are looking to cover vacationing or ill workers.  Manpower deployed under this kind of setup is engaged only for a specific time. 


 These are workers hired to work for companies full-time. Full-time manpower is the best choice for companies that need permanent staff but cannot afford to hire new employees, as well as small businesses that are just starting but want experienced workers around.

d. Traditional

Lastly, traditional manpower refers to the deployment of workers who meet the unique requirements of industries relying on skilled labor and technical expertise. There are two types of workers for deployment under the traditional manpower services setting: 

Blue Collar


Blue collar workers are those who perform labor-intensive hands-on tasks in industries such as the construction, manufacturing, and logistics industries. These professionals possess the technical know-how and practical experience crucial for the successful execution of projects.

Grey Collar


On the other hand, grey collar workers are those with specialized skills and knowledge, that are, most of the time, associated with engineering, IT, and other technical fields. These individuals form part of the team that deals with technical support and managing complex systems and processes.

Benefits of Manpower Services Companies 

Manpower services act as the pillar of the business world. Companies that need staff or those who are in between hires typically use manpower agencies to quickly address this gap in their operations. Failing to meet the right employees and not acquiring the best set of workers for the right job at the right time can be detrimental to your business—this is a fact. At one point, almost every big company to ever existed started by availing manpower services. Appreciate the importance of manpower service by recognizing its benefits in-depth: 

1. Cost Reduction

Outsourcing is the way most entrepreneurs cut their costs, as outsourcing manpower is less than hiring full-time employees. This is a smart way, particularly for startup businesses, to save money. Most manpower services providers charge a single fee for hiring, background checks, and skill tests. As a result, you have lesser spending since you’ll be entrusting your recruitment needs to staffing companies who can take on compliance, payroll, and HR tasks.

2. Increased Productivity

The relationship between manpower services and increased productivity is simple: productivity is directly proportional to the quality of manpower and how many of them you have. The larger the number of quality workers you have, the better and faster your tasks will be completed. In the same vein, if you lack sufficient manpower, your company faces backlogs and damages your operations. In business terms, a lack of productivity means a reduction in profit and revenue, which would also mean that your company wouldn’t be operational.

3. Reduced Hiring Risks

When you ask manpower agencies to do the outsourcing for you, you reduce the risk of collaborating and hiring the wrong employee/s. Manpower agencies, being recruiters, conduct the background checks of potential candidates for you. From screening candidates to scheduling interviews, assessing technical skills, and other issues—manpower services companies will be the ones to do these things for you!

4. Advantage Over Competitors

SMEs with limited resources will find it especially difficult to penetrate the market compared to larger enterprises. The best thing to do, to really maximize your business’ potential is to outsource manpower services to find excellent talent faster than larger companies will. Having the right manpower at your disposal allows you to grow rapidly amidst a competitive environment.

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On the Lookout For a Manpower Services Provider? 

Partnering with the right manpower services company is very beneficial to businesses, regardless of size. As stated above, the most obvious benefits of outsourcing manpower services include cost reduction, increased productivity, reduced hiring risks, and gaining an advantage over your competitors. 

If you are looking for a trusted manpower services provider, consider Toplis Solutions Inc. as your primary choice! We are an established and highly reputed service contracting company with a nationwide footprint, across the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  Toplis Solutions Inc. is able to deploy manpower for construction, manufacturing, logistics, facility maintenance, and more! 

We are a fast-rising service contracting company with the proven capability to fulfill various manpower requirements!

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