Toplis Solutions, Inc. Boast A Full Line of Resources Made Available to Businesses Across the Nation

We provide tailored-fit solutions unique to our client needs while aiming for sustainable and valuable returns and results for your businesses.

Bringing You Success Wherever You May Be in  the Philippines

Toplis parades a wide-reaching presence and can effectively support clients across various regions or cities. As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we have positioned our services to be accessible to clients regardless of location. Furthermore, this signifies our commitment to providing support, emphasizing our company’s adaptability, reach, and capacity to deliver positive results wherever our customers are in the Philippines.





The Only ISO-Certified Service Contractor in the Philippines

In accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, Toplis Solutions conforms to its Quality and Safety Policy.

The Only ISO-Certified Service Contractor in the Philippines

Toplis Solutions Inc and its employees are committed to provide customer satisfaction by fulfilling their needs and expectations while promoting a healthy and injury-free workplace.

We shall Strive to: 

  • Drive continual improvement and innovation on effectiveness of our quality and safety performance;
  • Ensure compliance to customer, legal and other applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Provide framework for setting and reviewing quality and safety objectives and engage employees to achieve organizational goals; and
  • Communicate this policy to all employees and ensure that the content is well-understood and implemented.
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What We Believe In

Why Toplis is the Most Sensible Choice

Toplis Solutions Inc. is the most practical and rational option among its competitors. We possess the qualities, capabilities, and advantages that align with our client’s needs and preferences. 

Moreover, our proven track record, expertise, quality of service, competitive pricing, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and innovation make Toplis the logical and compelling choice for individuals or businesses seeking turnkey products or services.

  •  Comprehensive employment orientation program
  • Financial stability
  • Full account management focus
  • Fully automated payroll and billing process
  • Lone ISO-Certified service contractor
  • Nationwide presence and network coverage
  • Recognized member of PALSCON
  • Exercises compliance with the data privacy act
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